Hello treasured reader. I wanted to stop by quickly to let any know who is interested that this blog is still very much alive and kicking, despite the obvious recent lack of activity. A few ideas for a new post have been running through my mind and I think I’ve finally decided what the next article will be about. I won’t give too much away here, so you will have to return to the blog at some point in the next few days to see it for yourself.

At some point in time, everyone has to leave their prized possessions out of their view, and in most cases, people like to be assured that their assets are well kept and secure. A lot of people tend to have friends who can keep an eye on their house whilst they’re away, and an alarm that is designed to scare off intruders and warn neighbours and others nearby. But what about when this isn’t possible or isn’t completely necessary. Perhaps you may just want to keep a cabinet secure, or a bike locked up. The first thing people usually think off to protect this items is a padlock.

A hefty padlock is a great way to keep your stuff out of the hands of criminals, but lets be honest, they aren’t indestructible. There’s always going to be someone or a tool that can eventually break them and get into whatever it was you were attempting to protect.

You might be thinking to yourself, if only there was a way that I could be informed exactly when someone was wrongly attempting to break or unlock my padlock. Well today is your lucky day, as we’ve just learnt about a new product that does just that. Before I explain this new feat, lets briefly touch on the advantages of this new technology. Being able to know exactly when your possessions are in danger of being stolen is a huge advantage even if you’re not exactly close to them at the time.


Knowing gives you the opportunity to warn others close by, or for you to take action there and then in order to stop the culprit. You have to agree, this is much better than coming home from a trip or a holiday and finding that you’re possessions have been stolen, without any knowledge of exactly when it happened.

Even if they did get stolen, you would know when it happened, and would quickly be able to tell the police. You can find out more about this fascinating product by visiting here. The highly secure alarm padlocks have been created by a team that aim to bring it to market by early 2015.

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